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[29 Dec 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Now you can present this clear, concise, loving gospel message to friends, family, or groups – effortlessly! Or post it on your church web site.  Click on the thumbnails to compare ‘the original’ with ‘The updated’ version!

Jesus said ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel.’ (Mark 16:15).  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? Do you find it hard to explain to your non-Christian friends and family what ‘Jesus’, ‘Church’ and ‘Christianity’ are all about?

Do you feel a bit embarrassed or awkward bringing up the subject? Do you pray for someone to ‘do the explaining for you?’

Well, you’re not alone! Most Christians have these thoughts and feelings.  The good news is, your prayers have been answered!

Proclaim It Gospel Presentation


Video - How to Get to Heaven


Purchase the DVD for $27 plus postage.
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This DVD has two versions of the gospel – ‘the original’ and ‘the updated version.’  (Click on the images at left to watch a preview.) It’s so simple! Just insert the DVD into your DVD player or laptop, choose which version you want, and press ‘play’.  Julian took the presentation he had written and designed to England in 2003 and trained children’s worker and Kung Fu fiction writer  Tony Anthony how to use it and how to do evangelism.  In 2010 Tony updated the graphics for Julian and this presentation is available to you now.  Tony and fellow evangelist John Lawson are now using all Julian’s resources in their evangelism seminars.

Let the DVD do the talking for you! Or load them onto your church web site! Believe it or not, most non-Christians say ‘the original version’ communicates the gospel best!  Why not show both versions to your friends, and let them decide!?

Here are 10 reasons why this DVD will absolutely bless you!

  • You don’t have to know what to say – the DVD does it all!
  • Scripted by a gifted, experienced evangelist!
  • Clear, loving, and to the point. Only 11 minutes long!
  • Biblically balanced, with no cringe factor!
  • All the essential elements of the gospel included!
  • Nothing ‘extra’ added in!
  • Designed specifically for the un-churched!
  • Releases you to play and active part in the evangelisation of the world!
  • You’ll be giving your friends and family the greatest gift of all – Jesus.
  • You’ll break out of the rut of being an ‘evangelism spectator!’
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