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8 Apr 2013 | No Comment

There is training in evangelism this coming Saturday (April 13), 8:30 – 4:30, Gateway Church, 103a Harris Road, East Tamaki.
If you are a pastor, and you’re wondering how to mobilise all your people for evangelism, and create a culture of evangelism at your church, come and window shop.
If you are an individual who wants to learn how to evangelise (i.e. reach the lost with the gospel),  this is for you!
Download a conference brochure here.
You can register by going to or texting Eleanor on 021 10 10 150
See you there!

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30 Mar 2013 | 10 Comments

Hi everyone,
Reinhard Bonnke has just exhorted the Church in NZ to make a priority of proclaiming the gospel.
Praise God for this man and His ministry!
I was not able to attend, but friends who were there report that “many tears were shed as the Holy Spirit moved powerfully over the attendees.”
The acid test is this – is anything going to change as a result of this conference? By this I mean:

Will evangelists with the Ephesians 4:11-14 gift return to equipping whole churches to proclaim  the gospel?
Will they (i.e. evangelists) shift away …

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22 Mar 2013 | One Comment

Hi everyone,
As a ministry we are working with pastors and leaders in various parts of the world.
One of those pastors (Darryl) and his wife (Pati), live in Alexandria, a city in the USA which is situated close to the border with Canada.
One Sunday recently, Darryl showed the Biblein11 video in the Sunday morning church service.
The following is what the Holy Spirit did in the life of an unsaved father who was in the congregation.

My dad, Bill, was really were convicted by Sunday’s message and we had a great talk after …

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17 Mar 2013 | 6 Comments

Hi everyone,
Just recently I went on a tour of South America, kindly paid for by one of my supporters.
For the most part, the tour group were not saved.
I used the tour as a ministry trip, giving the gospel in Spanish wherever I went each day (See  and networking with Christians I happened to meet in the countries we visited.
It struck me one day that I was just so different from my fellow tour party friends –  in my likes and dislikes, in what interested me and what interested them, …

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15 Mar 2013 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
The following is a testimony from one of the faithful in New Zealand who is active in evangelism. It makes a great read.
My wife and I have been intentionally sharing our lives with the not yet saved. Looking for opportunities to bring the Kingdom to people and thus allowing them to open up to the Gospel message.
With one specific couple, we have developed a friendship for a number of years.
The friendship between the husband and myself was very easy to develop. He was to me a “person of peace” …

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11 Mar 2013 | 4 Comments

Thank you to all those who have written in with their comments.
I think we all agree that:

All religions are not the same.
All people who pray are NOT praying to the same God.  That is to say, many believe that there is only one God.   Christians call him “Jesus”, Muslims call him “Allah” , Buddhists call him “Buddha” etc  etc.  So when all the people of various religions are praying, they are praying to the same God, only they just don’t realise it. As Christians, we DON’T believe this.
Jesus is …

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8 Mar 2013 | 22 Comments

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I engaged in a vigorous debate (not nasty, thankfully) with a Christian leader.   A small audience  was listening.
The audience were either non-Christians or weak Christians.
We started off by discussing whether people in other religions are lost or not and whether God hears their prayers.
The question was put to me “I met a fine Muslim who prayed each day for his family, his work, and those in the world around him.  These are the same prayers I pray to Jesus” said the Christian leader. He went on:  “I find …

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23 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
As you know, we are working on a vision to build an evangelism training centre at Oke Bay in Rawhiti.
The first part of the vision is to restore a 100 year old house on the property.
On Friday this week, 4 carpenter type guys will be turning up to do a weeks work.
God bless them! But they need feeding. I’ll pay for the food. All you have to do is cook it!
We need someone who can prepare meals for them! Eeeek!
You’ll have your own room and you’ll be living at …

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23 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
This is a simple but great story about how words and works work together!
Hi Julian,
I had one of those ‘God appointments’ coming back from a trip to the beach in Northland. Can I tell you about it?
I stopped at Whangerei & went to The Warehouse.
I was curious to see it as I’d heard it was the largest in the northern hemisphere.
When I finally found it, I discovered that it didn’t enthrall as expected.
I said to God- what on earth ever got into me to bother, can’t understand why I …

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16 Jan 2013 | No Comment

For the next three months or so, we are looking for a couple or single person to house sit a lovely old six bedroom house at Oke Bay in Rawhiti.
You can stay a week, a month, or longer.
The house is situated on a thin strip of land with a beach on both sides, and is being renovated.
Dolphins regularly visit Oke Bay and the fishing is wonderful. Most nights I just go down to the rocks, cast a line in (with a hook and bait), and pull up a snapper within …

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31 Dec 2012 | One Comment

Hi everyone,
Recently, I was taking a trailer load of rubbish to the dump in a small town in Northland, which is the uppermost part of NZ.
I knew I’d have to pay so I had my credit card ready.
When I backed my trailer up to the unload point,  the dump manager came up to me and asked for $30, so I whipped out my credit card.
“Sorry mate” he said “we only take cash.”
So I said “OK, can I dump this and come back with the money.  I’ll go into town and …

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24 Dec 2012 | No Comment

Hi everyone,

The end of a year is a good time to reflect on what we did during the year and why we did it.
Christmas is also a good opportunity to thank people!
So, “thank you” to my financial supporters!  Wow! Your consistent regular giving enables me to plan and create vision and resources and keep moving forwards.  You’re incredibly generous!
“Thank you” to the people who pray.  Wow! Your prayers hold back the work of principalities and powers and move the muscles of heaven.  You’re incredibly valuable to me.
“Thank you” to all …

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16 Dec 2012 | No Comment

Hi, here is an opportunity to be part of  (potentially) a global evangelism vision.  Please click here.
Right now we need an electrician for two days work.
Does anyone know a Christian sparky who wants a free holiday in the Bay of Islands?
Please email me: or text 0274 76 44 30

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12 Dec 2012 | No Comment

Here is a suggestion which came in from my good friends Warwick and Jan

Hi Julian,

Just a thought,why don’t you contact your wide circle in the evangelism world, and suggest they and their churches put the Biblein11 in all their Christmas cards!
I have done so with a number.
God Bless.
Warwick & Jan.

Thanks Warwick and Jan…great idea…

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7 Dec 2012 | 6 Comments

Below is a touching story about the power of watching out for visitors to our churches and what can happen when we do.
Chris and Renee (left)  attend a church of around 150 people who meet on Sunday in two services – 80 in one and 70 in the other.
Last Sunday, a Maori lady in the early thirties came to their church for the first time.
She sat down the back, as you’d expect.
When the service finished, and after nearly everyone had gone, Renee noticed this Maori lady as someone new.
So, she …

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5 Dec 2012 | No Comment

Hi, you’ll need to have read the post from yesterday to understand this one.
This one is from the wife of the pastor.   Please continue to pray for this dear couple and their staff.
What I love about this couple, and why I know God is going to bless them, is that they are leading from the front.
Whatever they value and do, the congregation will value and do.
This is the essence of Biblical leadership.
They are showing by example how to live a life committed to the Great Commission.
Hi Julian: Just got …

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4 Dec 2012 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
I have been corresponding with a great pastor in the USA.
His name is Darryl.
I thought I would send you his latest email.
I have been corresponding with Darryl for the past six months.
My book has been circulating around his church.
What is interesting is that God is raising up pastors all over the world who want to help cause a resurgence in the Great Commission through mobilising all their people for evangelism.
Let’s join together to pray for Darryl and Pati and their leadership team as they move forwards in 2013!
The key …

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30 Nov 2012 | No Comment

A friend drew my attention to this article:
This is her comment:
“I read this article in the paper this morning, and it got me thinking back to how vital it is that we proclaim the gospel – people just don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong, because no-one cares enough to tell them. It is a matter of urgency that the church is mobilized into evangelism, because the world around us is changing for all the wrong reasons. I love following your blog, Julian.
Posts which explain how a lady reached the …

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27 Nov 2012 | 16 Comments

Today I had an interesting conversation with some pastors.
I started by asking them what they understood the word “evangelism” to mean.
This was the consensus:
PASTORS: “Evangelism is finding out where people in community itch.  Once we know this, we scratch the itch.
That’s pretty much it.
For example, if our community has lots of drug addicts who need shelter, clothing, and food, and emotional and spiritual support, we provide these things.
Evangelism is about dealing with the whole person.
It’s not just about heaven or hell. It’s not just about winning souls.
It’s about dealing with the …

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24 Nov 2012 | One Comment

OK, now I have your attention….
You have heard me talk about two amazing evangelisers in America, Kristi and Nena.
Well, they have come up with a novel idea to publish the gospel.
They produced a magnet which sticks on the door or boot of a car.
The cool thing is, this magnet can be taken on and off, as the need arises.
Most of the signs on taxis these days are magnets.   In this way, taxis can remove the signage on their day off, and the car returns to “normal.”
So, what’s the competition?
Below …

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