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8 Jan 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone, please watch this compelling 6 minute interview between John Piper and Rick Warren on Hell.

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31 Dec 2013 | No Comment

This morning I studied the New Year’s Honours List with great interest.
I was hoping to spot an evangelist.  No such luck.
What about a Christian working in another sphere, other than evangelism?
It’s too hard to tell just by studying the list.
I don’t know which of the people honoured are genuine Christians. Only God knows.
From the brief descriptions of each recipient, the closest I could see was someone we’ve all heard of called ” Jacqueline Nuki McVinnie, Hamilton, for services to ecclesiastical embroidery.”
I was looking for overt Christian descriptions  like “Pastor Jones, …

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30 Dec 2013 | No Comment

Back in November I asked you to help by giving feedback about which cover was best for our follow up booklet.  You remember?
The two designs were as follows:
Here is the old design.  There is a felt love heart  placed in the entrance of the tunnel. We stick these love hearts on manually after the book has been printed.


Here is the proposed new design.  The felt love heart would go at the top of the steps just underneath the words.
The results of the survey with non-Christians of different ages and nationalities?
70% …

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21 Dec 2013 | 5 Comments

Non Christians are watching us, and they are coming to the wrong conclusion about what constitutes a Christian.
For quite some time now, I have been thinking about Social Action and Good Works and their relationship to evangelism.
Then I saw this bill board below.

Non Christians have come to think that being a Christian is about being a good person!
And who gave them this idea?
We did.
How so?
They observe us doing nothing but good works and conclude “…..mmmm….ok… a Christian is just a person who does good things.  I do good things, so why …

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16 Dec 2013 | One Comment

I had an interesting encounter the other day.
I was in my local supermarket buying stuff.
There is a check out lady who works there called Carol. I would say she is in her early sixties.
Cut a long story short, I always have her on about getting to the gym because she’s always telling me she intends to join but never does.
She and the other staff call me ‘pastor’ because they have all had cards when I pass through the checkout and as a consequence they often bring up some issue …

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7 Dec 2013 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
I have been experimenting with new ways of introducing the Bible in 11 cards to non-Christians.
The following seems to create great interest to watch the video.
After a bit of small talk, I turn the conversation around to spiritual things.
For example, I might say “I direct a charity in NZ. John, have you had any contact with a church?”
Or “I direct a charity in NZ.  John, do you have any interest in spiritual things?”
Given most of those reading this blog are not director’s of charities, how could you turn the …

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11 Nov 2013 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone
In this blog, I am going to giving an illustration of the power of appreciation.
Showing appreciation is hugely important in our interaction with the lost.
It must be important – someone has written a book about it! (picture on the right).
Now, lets get to the illustration.
As many of you know we have a vision to develop an evangelism training centre at Oke Bay in the Bay of Islands where we can bring evangelists from all over the world to train them in evangelism.
Next year we are starting with NZ pastors.
There …

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8 Nov 2013 | One Comment

As you know, we are developing an evangelism training centre in one of the most beautiful locations in NZ.
The vision is to restore the 120 year old villa on the property so that it can be rented out in the high season, which will fund our evangelism activities in the low season. To view the property click here.
Next year during winter, the plan is to start inviting small groups of pastors here (3-4 pastors) for a week to build relationship with them, fish, have fun, and (most importantly) walk them …

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6 Nov 2013 | No Comment

I get a lot of interesting emails but never one as interesting as the one below from Greg McDuff.
Greg attends Manukau Salvation Army in South Auckland.
At his home, Greg and his lovely wife Biance has been faithfully taking small groups of people through the ESI evangelism series.
Essentially, he is fulfilling the mandate given to evangelists in Ephesians 4:11-14 which is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.” i.e. teach other people how to do evangelism.
At the end of each course, Greg takes his ‘disciples’ out to teach them …

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31 Oct 2013 | 6 Comments

It all started when we chatted (at evangelism group) about Julian’s latest blog on “what does it mean to have a relationship with Jesus?” and it ended up with a discussion about “giving up everything.”
Just what does that mean to us as we sit in our middle class homes, on soft leather seats with the TV in one corner and a roaring log fire in the other.
The tea tray is on the coffee table from which we sipped out exotic teas. So let’s hear that again – …

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28 Oct 2013 | 28 Comments

Hi, we are going to re-print our follow up booklet.   Both booklets would have a little felt love heart placed on the cover in a strategic place. We get the love hearts from the $2 shop. They cost 1 cent each but give the booklet a million dollar lift.  Please give your honest opinion.
Here is the old design.  Then love heart is placed in the entrance of the tunnel.

Here is the proposed new design.  The felt love heart would go at the top of the steps just underneath the …

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21 Oct 2013 | 6 Comments

Hi everyone, I am trying to track down evangelist Tony Anthony but he is proving very hard to find.
If you know or hear where he is speaking, please let me know on 027476 44 30. Thanks a million.
Please click on this link:
If this link doesn’t work, please go to the  NZ Herald on line and search for ‘tony Anthony’.  There was an article in the Herald this morning on Tony.
You could also text Lyn Rule on 021 023 64 068 to express your displeasure. She is the lady organising Tony’s …

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16 Oct 2013 | 6 Comments

Hi everyone,
The Biblical mandate, or job description, of an evangelist is to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-14). That is to say, to motivate and equip those without the gift so that they will evangelise regularly.
When Jesus said “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15) the construction of the Greek text indicates that we are to evangelise “as we go about the normal course of each day.”
This is crucially important.
Most evangelists are stuck on “event” mode.
That is to say, running one off …

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15 Oct 2013 | No Comment

Hi everyone
Last year I was contacted by a pastor  (John) from a great church in Sri Lanka who was surfing the net looking for evangelism web sites. He stumbled across ours.
Their church web site is
This is a well established, well organised, significant church in Sri Lanka.
He signed up for my blog and over a period of months we communicated by email.
Cut a long story short, we gifted all our resources to him so he could translate them into Tamil, which is the main language in Sri Lanka (by the way, …

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13 Oct 2013 | 9 Comments

This email came today from my good friend Brett Whiteley who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. It’s a great read.
It was my birthday today so I told the Lord the best present today for me would be to share the gospel with someone.
But I haven’t shared for a while so felt very rusty.
Well, I went to the bus stop and struck up a conversation with the only person there.
I told him that finding God was the most important thing, and that it had changed my life.
He told me he had just come out of prison and though …

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10 Oct 2013 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
One of the Churches I am working with is looking to raise the bar with respect to the number of people doing evangelism each week in their church.
The goal is to have 100% of the people in their church active in evangelism at least once a week.
Right now, they have plateaued, and want to find out what’s causing the problem.
So, the ETL, or evangelism team leader, came up with the idea of surveying the whole church.
It’s a great idea.  Why don’t you do it in your church, and let …

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7 Oct 2013 | No Comment

This email was sent to me from Lorraine Wilson, a business woman in Auckland.  Lorraine tells me that she finds the local sauna one of the best places to do evangelism.


Hi Julian,
I would like to share with you about a recent evangelism experience.
I was at my favourite place of meditation/restoration ( public sauna ) where one gets to listen in on many conversations about the state of the world and how to solve the problems in a dysfunctional society.
One particular day we were talking about the  state of our education system today and …

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1 Oct 2013 | 16 Comments

In conversations between Christians and non-Christians, Christians often make the plea “God wants a relationship with you!”
From most pulpits we hear “It’s all about a relationship with Jesus! It’s not about religion!”
Christian books and magazines are full of this idea.
I think we have lost all understanding of what it actually means to have “a relationship with Jesus.”
In fact, it’s become a throw away, meaningless cliche.
The truth is, everyone on the planet already has some kind of relationship with Jesus, but mostly it’s a very bad relationship.
That is to say, all those …

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28 Sep 2013 | No Comment

Recently, a pastor and his elders met do discuss of how evangelism was going in their church.
Over the past two years, they have been gradually implementing the 28 strategies which we as a ministry have developed.
These strategies help churches achieve, and maintain, evangelism momentum.
These strategies are crucial if a church wants to develop a culture of evangelism - if they want to have 100% of their people active in evangelism at least once a week on a regular basis.
Evangelism is defined as “the spread or proclamation of the gospel”.
That is to …

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23 Sep 2013 | 2 Comments

The other day I was making phone calls to people like Telecom and Apple,  and I thought I would share with you a very cool way of evangelising.
It’s extremely simple.
(By the way, if you are in American or some other country, the photo on the right shows where we are technologically down here in little ol’ NZ)
At the end of the call, ask “Do you have a pen handy?”
They always say “yes”
Then say “Please write down this web address”
They always comply eagerly.
Then say “Dub dub dub. Bible (B-I-B-L-E) in (I-N) …

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