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30 May 2014 | No Comment

If you are anything like me, you have been following the case of Blessie Gotingco, the Philippino woman murdered last week in Auckland.
It is one of the saddest and most horrific stories.
In a recent “update” on this case, the Herald reporter, at one point in the article, focussed on the family’s need for justice.
In fact, said the reporter, “the whole country is wanting to see justice done” when the murderer appears in court and is sentenced.
As I read this particular line in the newspaper, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt …

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22 May 2014 | No Comment

This is an article I read from Thom S Rainer who is probably America’s leading researcher on the subject of evangelism.
This is what he had to say:
Four Reasons the Great Commission Becomes the Great Omission in a Church
In my latest book, Autopsy of a Deceased Church, I highlight several symptoms that can lead to the death of a church.
These symptoms can become sicknesses themselves, sicknesses that lead to death. Some churches begin with a great heart and a great effort toward the Great Commission.
But the methods used become the focus rather …

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19 May 2014 | One Comment

Hi Julian
We have a guy from Germany staying with us at the moment.
He has been a Christian for about 2 years and is cycling around New Zealand until mid September.
He has been in the south Island for the last while and been fellowshipping with us at Celebration Centre.
He is using this cycle trip to raise money for a world vision project in Bangladesh.
He is ready to hit the North Island and is looking for a Christian family to stay with between Auckland and the far north.
He is looking to “work …

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15 May 2014 | No Comment

We take cars in for a warrant of fitness
We see the doctor for a health check
We go to the dentist to examine our teeth to see if they are OK
Food outlets have to have a health certificate issued by their local council to verify they are up to scratch.
Houses being built have to be inspected and passed at every stage to ensure they are compliant with all the rules and regulations.

The list of checks and warrants in a modern society is endless.
But what about an evangelism WOF (warrant of fitness) for …

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13 May 2014 | No Comment

Hi Everyone,
Please can you take a moment to subscribe to Renee’s new blog.
Personally, I am looking forward to reading about what God is saying to me and to the Church through her.
I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.
The link to her blog is here:

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7 May 2014 | 6 Comments

Hi, I just heard a great report about a man in Napier.
Renee Tobin, my assistant leader, is running night classes for a church in Napier, teaching them how to evangelise.
One of her class is a young man with mild disability.
In the past month, he has given out over 400 cards.
He said to Renee last night “This is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I have done in my whole life!”
How is he doing it? He is going around all the businesses in the entire city of Napier and giving …

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1 May 2014 | No Comment

Click here to find out how. Please forward this blog to pastors, elders, and anyone in leadership in your church.

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18 Apr 2014 | 2 Comments

Today,  if a pastor opened his doors to an evangelist, he/she can no longer be sure the evangelist would even equip his / her people to spread or proclaim the authentic Christian gospel.
Today’s equipping evangelists are under enormous pressure to compromise their God-given job description and many have succumbed.
For example, instead of training people how to proclaim or spread the gospel many have turned to:

teaching people how to build friendships with the lost
how to have ‘God conversations’ with the lost (CLICK HERE to read why with ‘relational evangelism’ alone we’ll …

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11 Apr 2014 | 8 Comments

It is an absolute joy to let you know that I recently invited Renee Tobin to be the co-leader of ESI.
I first met Renee at our very first Church DNA change conference in Palmerston North three years ago, which she attended with her pastor.
God really spoke to her clearly at that conference. In a nut shell, it was there she first felt a strong call of God to pursue evangelism.
To cut a very long story short, she became the Evangelism Team Leader at St Andrews Presbyterian in Waipukurau where she …

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7 Apr 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
I am so encouraged by the correspondence I receive from all around the world to these blogs because people say they are being mightily challenging and encouraged. Great!
Today’s blog, though, is not so encouraging. It’s sobering and alarming. It’s about how the Church in NZ is getting smaller.
The fact is, it’s not news to me. I wrote extensively about this in 2006 when I first published my book and I have been alarmed ever since.
I hoped and prayed things would change but they haven’t. They’ve got worse. A lot …

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4 Apr 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
I am corresponding with a great guy in the USA.  He told me of an experience he had in a home Bible study group.
I quote:
“You know, at church, I am a co-leader of one our small group Bible studies.  We are allowing an older Christian lady to teach on the end times for a couple of weeks. She is a very nice Christian lady. However, most average Christians are totally messed up when it comes to evangelism and their understanding of it. For example, last night she said that …

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25 Mar 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,  as a ministry, we have had / are still having input into other churches around the world.
Recently, the pastor of one such church in the US wrote the following email to me.
It’s hugely encouraging, and full of pearls of wisdom which we could all glean from.
That’s the pastor and his wife in the photo below – Darryl and Patti.
Hi Julian
My apologies for not keeping you up-to-date on what is happening in Alexandria, but be assured, we have not forgotten you or our vision to be committed to the …

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20 Mar 2014 | 3 Comments

The short answer is ‘yes’.
Recently I blogged about an Anglican who had become a Bahai.
Bahai’s believe and promote the idea that ‘all roads lead to God and that all the religions of the world are worshipping the same God – it’s just that they all call him a different name.’
Well, I bumped into the same Anglican – now – Bahai  again, and we had some more discussion.
He tried to tell me that “all of us who worship God (meaning everyone in every religion of the world) have one thing in …

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16 Mar 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
As a ministry, having a God-given vision for what we are doing is essential. 

The vision of any Christian organisation / ministry / church must have three features: it must be Biblical, measurable, and attainable.
If it’s not biblical, then it’s not Christian.  And if not Christian, then investing in it is a waste of time, money, and resources.
If it’s not measurable, then it’s just pie in the sky, by and by.
If it’s not attainable, then it’s just fantasy. And if it’s just fantasy, then it’s very demotivating and demoralising.
God has …

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5 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone,
Someone sent me the article below.  They asked me what I thought of it.
The author, a self confessed introvert, is sharing his pain.
As a committed Christian, he knows he has been called and commanded to evangelise and wants to actually do it. As an introvert, he finds the thought of evangelising terrifyingly uncomfortable.
I think many many Christians are in this predicament – in my opinion, this is the reason only 2% of the Church currently engage in evangelism.
In this article, the author bravely shares his thoughts and feelings.
I have …

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20 Feb 2014 | 15 Comments

Hi everyone,
I went into a Bunnings store to buy things for the restoration of the Evangelism Training Centre we are creating at Oke Bay.
In the paint department of the store, a man in his 50′s served me (that’s not him in the photo).
After he had found the product I wanted, I directed the conversation onto Spiritual things.
He had a name tag on which made it easy.
No one else was around, except my friend Bill, so my question to him was private, and so was his answer.
“Trev, can I ask you …

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14 Feb 2014 | No Comment

My wife Bianca was invited by a client to a Tao temple for a vegetarian dinner.

During the course of dinner she asked if they had seen the movie that explains the bible in 11 minutes.

They said no, so she showed all 7 of them the movie on her iPhone.

They were so open to hearing it and had any questions about the bible afterwards.

I scoffed at her going before she went.

How wrong I was.  They were so open.

Unfortunately she didn’t have any tracts or cards with her, but she’s been invited to …

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8 Feb 2014 | 5 Comments

True unity is not about ministers meeting to enjoy a cup of tea, sharing their joys and struggles, and praying for each other.
It’s not about churches having a combined service.
It’s not about singing songs together or praying together.
No no.
Christian unity has to do with unity in mission i.e. to complete the Great Commission.
That is to say, to make sure every person on the earth has heard and understood the gospel message, delivered with love and grace, at least once, and to mobilise the Church to do it.
If the completion of …

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13 Jan 2014 | No Comment

I had an interesting evangelism encounter recently.
To cut a long story short,  I was visited in my home by a man (55 and European)  who works for a power company.  There was an issue with our power which he’d come to fix.
He seemed a bit grumpy so start with.
I tried to chat with him but he didn’t seem to want to talk.   He acted like a guy who had things on his mind.  We’ve all met people like this. I can be like that sometimes
Anyway, I stayed …

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11 Jan 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Some people would have received this newsletter via snail mail in your letter box.
If that’s you, you won’t need to read it again here.
But for everyone else, I hope you’ll be encouraged by what you read. Thank you for your on-going support and prayers.
Let’s believe 2014 is going to be vintage in Him for all of us!
In Him

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