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5 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago I received an email from a Pediatrician called Brent (48) who lives in America.
To cut a long story short, Brent walked into a book store in his home town and purchased my book.
As he read it the Holy Spirit quickened the Truth in the book to him in a remarkable way.
He writes: “The Truth in this book has blown my mind.  It’s flipped me on my head!”
Not only is he evangelising now, but he has made an appointment to go and see the leadership of …

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4 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Hi everyone!
Please can you advertise these events in your church if you live in Auckland or Northland.
September 13, Henderson Auckland.
To download a brochure, click here
To download a poster, click here
September 20 is in Maungatapere, which is just outside of Whangarei.
To download a brochure, click here
To download a poster, click here

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2 Sep 2014 | 3 Comments

Hi everyone,
Please pray for me.  I am in a pressure situation at the moment.
Many of you know that I started a job in Real Estate a few weeks ago as funding is limited to keep things afloat to support the ministry.
However, since then – many doors and opportunities have opened for me in ministry, both in NZ and internationally.
Leaders are crying out for help. These opportunities have risen dramatically over the past few months.
I feel the urgency in my spirit to preach, keep publishing and to be unencumbered, so that …

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27 Aug 2014 | 4 Comments

Recently, a mature and seasoned Christian couple in Auckland put their hand up to host an evangelism conference.
Full of enthusiasm, they went to their pastor and showed him the promotional material.
In his own time, the pastor dug a bit deeper and saw that the conference would be teaching about, among many other things, the theology of sin and hell. For him, this was off-putting.
The pastor also said “there is too much emphasis on the wedding, and not enough on the marriage”.
By this he meant that there was too much emphasis on …

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23 Aug 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Paul Armstrong (right) from Rotorua is using the web site TRADE ME to evangelise the world.  
This is a stroke of divinely inspired genius.
Go on to Trade Me yourself and have a look. Just enter into the search bar “How to be sure of going to heaven when you die” and you’ll see what Paul is doing.
He reports that one or two people a week having been buying the booklet.
Wow! Who says that there are no lost people out there searching?!
I just think what Paul is doing is amazing.  Not many …

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18 Aug 2014 | No Comment

In 1643, the English Parliament called upon “121 learned, godly and judicious Divines” to meet at Westminster Abbey in order to provide advice on issues of worship, doctrine, government and discipline of the Church of England. Their meetings, over a period of five years, produced the “Westminster Confession of Faith.”
For more than three centuries, many churches around the world have adopted the confession as their standards of doctrine, subordinate to the Bible.
According to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the whole point of life on this earth is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”
It seems that …

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12 Aug 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone, I recently listened to a sermon by renown preacher David Wilkinson who was the pastor of Times Square Church in New York.
He had been around for decades and headed a massive network of churches in America before he was tragically killed in a car crash in 2011.
David was one of these amazing grand old men of God who had stood the test of time.  He was a true father in the faith to many pastors in the USA.
In this 27 minute sermon,  he analyses the Church today in the …

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9 Aug 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone,
Recently I went somewhere to buy takeaways and while I was waiting I picked up a magazine to read.
It was the Australian Women’s Weekly, NZ Edition, April 2014, page 68.
Wow! In this edition was a story about the growth of Islam in NZ.  And, said the author, it’s growing not just because of natural birth or immigration, but because of conversion growth!
In short, Kiwis are converting to Islam…and lots of them.
The story even went on to tell how some had reported supernatural encounters and deliverance from “issues” like “nightmares and …

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21 Jul 2014 | One Comment

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would let you know that I will be selling Real Estate for a season. 
We have some large financial hurdles to get over at the Evangelism Training Centre at Oke Bay:
Installation of a gabion wall $45,000
Installation of a septic tank system $12,000
Building a new wing onto Oke Bay Lodge $100,000
Installation of a new driveway $5000
These are large ticket items.
The ministry, of course, will carry on as usual.  One of the reasons I chose Real Estate is that the hours are flexible. In one sense, I am self employed …

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13 Jul 2014 | No Comment

 I received the email below today.  It’s really moving.  Irena is a hero.  
But then I thought “You know what, everyone who is active in evangelism is a hero too !” Why? Because they are Irena’s who are pulling out souls from the kingdom of darkness.  
They’ll be no Nobel Peace prize for them though.  
The prize of all prizes will be to hear the words of Jesus at death saying “well done, good and faithful servant!”
Today, we’d give our Christian Nobel Prize (if there was such a prize) to …

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10 Jul 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Greg McDuff, one of our key leaders in evangelism, recently went into hospital for a major operation on his nose.
But that didn’t stop him evangelising!
The photo shows Greg in bed, and the nurse inspecting the “The Two Right Answers” card which Greg is discussing with her.
You’re a great example Greg!  Praying for your speedy recovery and for all those you are sharing the gospel with in hospital.
To find out how to share the gospel using these cards, click here

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9 Jul 2014 | No Comment

Lots of songs we sing in Church declare “We Love you Lord!”
We stretch out our arms heavenward, close our eyes, and cry “Yes Lord, you know what I love you!”
When we talk about other Christians we often compliment someone by saying “He / she loves the Lord”
But practically speaking, what does “loving the Lord” really look like?
How can one tell if someone REALLY does “love the Lord”?
How can we tell the difference between the fake “lovers of the Lord” and those who are genuine?
What’s the difference between those who are …

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29 Jun 2014 | 3 Comments

How exciting to hear of a pastor of a church leading his flock by example in evangelism! Iain, you are a legend (and extremely rare)!
Hi Julian
Just last week I had the pleasure of leading an elderly Maori woman to the Lord when we went out door to door. I took her through a short survey, followed by the Good Person’s test, but because of time restraints, I asked a follow up a question, ‘If God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be’?
She shared how the doctor …

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25 Jun 2014 | 4 Comments

Click here to find out how. Enjoy! This is really good.

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21 Jun 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
One of the most profound truths Jesus ever taught was that when we lovingly and graciously “plant” the seed of the gospel in the mind of a non-Christian, the Holy Spirit will focus on that seed and “grow” it (Mark 4:26-29).
That is to say, He will bring to the person in whom the gospel message is planted a revelation of the Truths we explained in the gospel message and bring them to faith.
It’s an amazing and liberating truth. Thank you Holy Spirit! We love you.
Yesterday I received a text from my …

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17 Jun 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi Everyone
I don’t usually post on subjects other than those related to evangelism, but on this occasion I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so.
There is some abortion legislation which is being proposed by the Green Party which we must oppose.
Please help stop it. Sign our petition to party leaders.
Just click on the link below.
For more information, you are also invited to read this lifesitenews article:

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14 Jun 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
We just completed another conference, this time in Napier. 
I have to say, it was one of the best yet, with up around 100 registered.
The people who came were hungry for Truth, and humble in spirit.
Bruce and Julie Collingwood, of Oasis church, were the hosts.
The other participating church was the Africaan’s church, led by Derik and Chantel Kotze.
Both these couples are outstanding leaders.
Both churches want and (and will) implement all the 28 strategies.
Implementing these strategies enable a church to maintain evangelism momentum.
Anyone can put on a seminar to train people for …

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12 Jun 2014 | 3 Comments

Our Iranian brother was executed because he refused to renounce Christianity.
He took his death with a smile.
It breaks my heart because over here in NZ, we won’t even stand up for Jesus on our jobs, go in the streets and witness, risk our reputation or suffer for Him.
I don’t know if this kind of persecution will come to NZ in our time or not, but we must be prepared and brace ourselves.
Biblical Christianity is being less and less accepted in our country.
Praying that we get bolder …

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6 Jun 2014 | 7 Comments

From time to time, I hear about people that are doing incredible things to further the Great Commission.
You’d probably never hear about them as they go about their work without a lot of fan fair and pomp.
They faithfully chip away at the task of evangelising the world and no one in the church would know, except God.
I know one such hero. His name is Brett Whiteley (right). His wife is a medical doctor.
The following is what Brett wrote in his email to me.
Julian, my wife likes to sit at home on the …

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2 Jun 2014 | No Comment

We have all heard about the theology of evangelism, but little is every said about the psychology of evangelism.
A group of researchers conducted long, deep, and very private interviews with a 1000 Christian leaders across 52 denominations
Click here for a  truly fascinating look into the human mind, and how it works when the word evangelism is mentioned.

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