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9 Nov 2014 | One Comment

Hi Everyone,
I have spent many hundreds of hours editing and updating the chapters of my book “Evangelism: Strategies From Heaven In The War For Souls” ready for a second edition re-print.
You can access the chapters here: http://old.esisite.comfree-chapter
There are still some other chapters to upload.  These will be uploaded in the next week or so.
Please enjoy these undated chapters, and distribute them as widely as possible.
Jesus could come back any day now, so there is an urgent need to get this information out!
Every blessing

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6 Nov 2014 | 5 Comments

Just recently I received a text from a good friend Phil Giles (the guy in the photo).
Phil is a successful businessman in the carpet business in Auckland, NZ.  This is what Phil said:
Hey just to encourage u bud!
I know a lot of people are giving out cards, and I thought “It would be nice to know how God is using them.”
Well, today I received my answer!
Two people I had given cards to some time ago came back to me this week saying that they had watched the gospel video …

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4 Nov 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone
I have been thinking a lot about how pseudo converts, people are attend church regularly but who are not truly saved,  and their negative influence on our efforts to evangelise the world.
To read what I have written, click here.

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2 Nov 2014 | One Comment

The following email arrived from my good friend in Tauranga, Alan.
Alan is getting on in years, but his enthusiasm and love for the Lord through evangelism is growing by the day.   I trust you enjoy his brief email to me about his evangelism efforts as much as I did.
Hi Julian, Great to get your ministry update so I can target my prayers for you.
You are a true joyful overcomer.
I tried an experiment over the Halloween period of seven days.
On the public notice board(actually on the seat beside it as …

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28 Oct 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
I was speaking with someone in the Anglican Church recently and they were telling me how the upper leadership of their denomination had lost confidence in the gospel.
These leaders wanted to know how they could regain their confidence and bring “the power of the gospel” (Romans 1:16) back into the Anglican Church.
Well, in one of the chapters of my book I discuss the issue of “loss of confidence in the gospel” and how this happens.  To read the chapter, please  click here

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22 Oct 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone, recently I preached at my own church about the topic of making Jesus Lord, and what results when we do this.
If you’d like to hear this message, you can download it here.

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18 Oct 2014 | 4 Comments

Oasis Church in Napier New Zealand has become a world first!
It’s the first church in the world (as far as I know) who has committed itself to making evangelism its priority.
By this I mean that ALL the leadership of the Church have published the fact that they want to lead the way in personal evangelism, and they want to be accountable for the same.
That is to say, the leaders in this church are leading by example in personal evangelism and have advertised they they earnestly desire to see all their church members …

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10 Oct 2014 | One Comment

I woke in the early hours of this morning with a burden to write about the gospel, what it is and isn’t.
So I set to work praying over and editing the chapter of my book on this subject.
Please click here to view this new, revised, and updated chapter.
If you spot typos, please let me know. Thanks so much.

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27 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
I have been thinking.
Is the mission of the Church to win the world to Christ or evangelise the world?
By “mission” I mean the main thing, the ultimate outcome of all our Church activity: camps, conferences, sermons, studies, DVDs, radio and TV shows, social action, worship, prayer, and so on.
By ‘winning the world’ I mean that everyone on the earth is converted to Christ.
By ‘evangelising the world’ I mean that everyone on the earth hears and understands the gospel, delivered with love and grace, at least once, leaving the results …

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25 Sep 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone,
Today I was in a shopping centre.  A young lady recognised me and smiling she said “hey, that’s him!” to her friend.
Naturally, I went over to see what the all the fuss was about.
It turned out that Naomi (on the right) worked in one of the shops in the mall, and I had given her one of the TWO RIGHT ANSWER cards a few months ago when I purchased something at her shop.
She went home, and heard the gospel via
The Holy Spirit convicted her.
She then phoned a friend who …

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20 Sep 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone
I just received the email below from Brent.  Many of you have been praying for him.  He is in a church of 4000.
Thank you so much for the encouraging email.
Well my vision for evangelism in the USA has begun!
I met with my pastor today and it went great.
He was very interested and not surprising but our church leadership has been talking about this very thing for the past 6 weeks.
How cool is God!?
He even said that they had discussed taking time out of their schedules for personal evangelism because they …

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18 Sep 2014 | One Comment

Hi everyone,
Please pray for Brent, the Paediatrician in Texas, who God has really touched through reading my book.  
He is taking his Life Group through the 12 lost truths.
The first session will be taking place about 11 am today, Thursday NZ time (which is about 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening in Texas).
Tonight he is sharing his personal journey in evangelism using power point slides, and the first lost truth, which is about the Biblical definition of evangelism.
At the end of the Life Group, after discussion about his journey and the …

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17 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone.
I have edited, updated, and (I think) vastly improved the chapter in my book on this topic.
Click here to read it.
If you spot any typos or grammar errors, please let me know.

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16 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
From the 29th September to about the 10th of October, Ken McKay (a builder, far right in the photo below) and his two sons Joel (12) and Caleb (18) (not the other two men in this photo) will be travelling to Oke Bay Lodge in the Bay of Islands for a combination of work and play.
By “play” I mean fishing, diving, swimming, hanging out together, having fun etc.
A good friend Russell (in his …

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15 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone, this email arrived in my in box from a pastor in Sri Lanka who has been using the ESI resources to mobilise his church. 
Dear Julian,
I saw your mail about needing support and felt burdened to lift up your need in prayer. The ESI resources have so blessed our ministry in SriLanka.
I continue to use your training material to train our people at Calvary Church.
I have trained about 50 people who are now excited in their evangelism and it’s brought new life into the Church!
God bless you and pray …

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12 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Remember a few posts back, I wrote about an American Paediatrician who bought my book in a local bookstore? Well, things are developing fast over there, and it looks very like the Lord is orchestrating all this.  Please read the email below.  Let’s get behind Brent in prayer for his meeting with his pastor Randy at 12 noon Texas time (Friday), which is about 5 am NZ time on Saturday.
Dear Julian
Quick cool story to tell you.
A good friend of mine, who is in my life group was eating lunch with …

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12 Sep 2014 | 6 Comments

Yesterday I received a text from a pastor friend of mine (Bruce Collingwood from Oasis Church in Napier, pictured below) who is sharing the gospel via the video at  He uses this video as part of his conversation with strangers who come in off the street to talk with him in his office.  His church also has a cafe.
“Had a lady come to the cafe today. She asked if she could see me about something.  I played her the gospel video @ Biblein 11. com in my office via my iphone …

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10 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Recently this email arrived in my inbox from a guy called Sean. It just shows how important it is to leave these cards around in public places….
I was having a bad day, and I was walking about in Hamilton (a city in New Zealand)  Gardens to take a breather.
In the toilet there, I spotted this card placed neatly on the sink, just in front of the mirror
It read “Born, Live and Die”
This definitely piqued my curiosity.
I am a Christian, but could not resist taking the card, and checking …

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9 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Recently, I had an interesting and healthy conversation with a pastor which I want to share with you.
This is important. Really important. Actually, of supreme importance.

He was explaining how his church had new people come along as a result of better advertising,  better preaching, better worship, a new building, and community outreach initiatives (social action).
Some of the people who came (he said) were non-Christians, some were from other churches.
“So”, he said (smiling), “we are doing really well with evangelism.”
Naturally, I quizzed him about what he said.  I asked him what he …

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7 Sep 2014 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
A friend and supporter of our ministry (Kev) sent the email below to me today, and I want to share it with you so that you can pray as well.
Kevin manages a very large dairy farm operation and has a large staff.
Dear Julian,
The father of one of my workers (Matt) is terminally ill with cancer and he came to me stressed out during the week.
I talked with him for probably an hour and found he had attended a youth group as a teenager so I shared the bible in …

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