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17 Sep 2010 | 3 Comments

Here are two kiwi guys who have been living in a ‘Christian Nation’ for over 20 years (a nation which is supposedly ‘evangelised’ – what nonsense.  This is exactly what the devil wants us to believe.  New Zealand is now an unevangelised trible group, no different from a tribal group in deepest darkest Africa) who had never heard the gospel before.
This is what happened.
I go to the gym each morning at 5:20am.  I had a great workout as usual, and when I was driving into my driveway at home, I noticed …

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30 Aug 2010 | 4 Comments

Hi,  as usual each day, I went out of my house to love someone with the gospel.  The first person I approached was a lady in her 50′s in a shopping mall and in answer to my friendly smiley faced question ‘Hi, how are you today!’ she cut me off with a curt ‘No thanks!’ before I could even say the next sentence!  Man, was she grumpy.  The next guy I approached was in his 40′s.   He looked troubled before I had said anything so I continued to walk towards …

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20 Aug 2010 | No Comment

Today I had a very interesting experience at the gym.  I was coming out of the mens’ change room when this man in his 60′s stopped me and said (smiling and joking)  ‘Hi. You’re in great shape. I have been told you are 52, is that true?’ I said yes and then he asked me a whole series of questions about how often I go to the gym, what I eat and so on. Then he asked me what I do for a job. So I told him I was …

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9 Aug 2010 | No Comment

From time to time, people give their lives to Christ on the spot and are powerfully and wonderfully saved. This was one of those days.  I had been out and about doing ‘stuff’ when I called into a shop.  I hadn’t given the gospel to anyone so far this day, and their was a lady sitting on a wooden seat with an unbrella up reading her paper and drinking a coffee.  She was away from other people and alone which made for a good situation i.e. approaching her to talk …

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23 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Today, as usual, I was out doing business and by 5pm I realised hadn’t shared the gospel with anyone.  I was near a mall, so I decided to duck in and find someone. As I parked the car I prayed for grace. You see, today I didn’t have any Bible reading, prayer or Bible study. I have established this habit in my life and it has made a huge difference to my evangelism and my life generally. When I spend quality time with those three disciplines, I find my day …

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22 Jul 2010 | No Comment

I go to the gym every morning at 5:30 am, six days a week. I consider it a vital part of my life to maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual health. At the beginning of this year, there was another guy in the gym (Steve) who was working out at the same time as me, and we became friends, chatting away as we went around the weights.  He used to play cricket for Auckland and is an all-round gifted sportsman. However, I am a lot fitter now than him and he …

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14 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Today as usual I was out and about ready to give the gospel and felt prompted to go into a shop in a shopping mall (it was near closing time which is a good time to give the gospel to shop keepers because they are nearly always bored and have no customers).  I am glad I did. The lady was working on her own in a shoe shop. As I entered the shop I got eye contact and smiled and said ‘Hi…you look like your bored!’ And she said ‘I …

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10 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Hi everyone,  Graham Henry and his wife came to my house one day and I was able to present the full gospel to them in the peace and quiet of my home. The photo is of them sitting on my deck. I played the gospel presentation to them on the my laptop. I don’t want to give to many details of what they said the end because of their high profile, but I asked them these question: ‘If you died tonight where would you go?’ Please pray for Graham and his wife. …

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30 Jun 2010 | No Comment

Today when I was out evangelising,  I met a young man in his twenties from the Philipines. He was in a shopping mall, eating some KFC by himself. I approached him in the usual way, and asked him if he would like to watch an 11 minutes video of the Bible. He said yes.  I sat beside him as he watched, and I was praying in my mind, not out loud. To my surprise, half way through the presentation, he stopped the video to tell me he was a Catholic. …

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26 Jun 2010 | No Comment

Today I was in the men’s changing room at the gym towelling down and I got talking to a young guy about the gym, his training etc etc. Then, in order to turn the conversation onto spiritual things I said ‘I am also training myself spiritually.  I go to church which is a big part of my life. Have you had any church background?’  He replied ‘I am a Christian. I used to go to a church about three years ago.  I went to the youth group there for quite a few years.’  I said …

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15 Jun 2010 | 6 Comments

Yes, yesterday I met a lady who had never heard of Christianity or the Bible. To make sure she was understanding my English I repeated the question 3 times in different ways. ‘You mean you have never heard of Christianity as a religion?’ ‘No’ she replied. ‘What about the Bible as a book. Have you ever heard of the Bible?’ ‘What’s that?’ she said.  I said ‘It’s the book Christians use in churches – you have never heard of it?’  ‘No I haven’t’ was the reply. 
This kind of encounter puts …

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12 Jun 2010 | No Comment

With evangelism, everyday is different. By the way, do you remember the lady in Pak N Save who I wrote about in an earlier blog? She phoned and said she couldn’t make today. I am in there all the time so I will try again.
Last night I met a lovely lady called Adrian. She operated a shop in a mall. I went to her and asked if she wanted to watch an 11 minute video which summarised the Bible. She was SO eager! Turns out she is already a Christian, …

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8 Jun 2010 | No Comment

Today’s evangelism was most interesting! I was going to Pak N Save supermarket to buy some things and thought ‘I wonder if I could share the gospel with someone in the shop?’  After all, when Jesus ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (Mark 16:15) the word ‘go’ in this verse means ‘as you go’.  I prayed and set off. When I reached the supermarket, in entered through the turnstile, my iphone ready.  I found the things I wanted but they were out of frozen blueberries. I looked …

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5 Jun 2010 | One Comment

Hi everyone, the letter below is from a great guy called Jarrett. He is the campus director for Auckland Every Nation Ministry.  He is training teams to go onto the university campuses to give the gospel to students.  He is also using the EVANGELISM DISCIPLESHIP DVD series which is on this web site to train his team. This is what he wrote. Please pray for Jarrett and his lovely wife Nicole as they pioneer this vital work.
Hey julian,
I met up with that guy called Victor I was telling you about who …

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16 May 2010 | No Comment

Hi everyone! On my flight back from the US recently, I gave the Gospel to various people on the plane using THE GOSPEL PRESENTATION, which I show using a mini dvd player. It’s so simple. I started by chatting to someone and eventually they asked, “What do you do for a job?” I answered, “Oh, I’m a minister.” This is the simplest answer, as I find if I say I’m an evangelist, no one knows what that is. I then explained that I had been away showing people a video …

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15 May 2010 | One Comment

Several weeks ago now, I took Anglican vicar Charlie Hughes out evangelising with me. We prayed before we went out, albeit briefly.   I assured Charlie God would lead us to some great encounters. We wandered down into Henderson town centre which is not far from Charlie’s church, asking the Holy Spirit to lead us.  The first person we felt to speak to was a hard-nosed German lady in her early thirties.  She listened to the gospel presentation on the mini DVD player and at the end objected to many aspects: …

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30 Apr 2010 | One Comment

 Tonight I went to the mall to get some last minute things done because tomorrow I am heading overseas for 10 days.  One of those things was a hair tidy up which is where I met Richard Davies, a hair stylist in the Glenfield mall. People often ask how to start off a conversation to get around to sharing the gospel so this is how it happened. Richard ushered me into the chair, and ask the usual questions like ‘what are you after?’ I told him and so he started the hair cut and …

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28 Apr 2010 | 4 Comments

Hi everyone. Today I was in the post office doing some business. I some evangelism tracts in my pocket and the person next to me was a young lady writing on a birthday card. We got eye contact for a second so I said to her ‘Hi, how are you?’ She said ‘great, how are you?’ ‘Fine’ I said. Then I said, ‘Hey, would you like one of these?’ showing her the booklet. She read the title ‘How to be sure of going to heaven at death’ and immediately her eyes …

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3 Apr 2010 | One Comment

Today I was in McDonalds meeting someone and two of the staff who had just finished their shift were mooching around so I invited them to watch the gospel DVD.  What a fascinating time. At the end, we spent an hour discussing the issue of ‘why bad things happen to good people’.  Her relative has cancer and is also a Christian.  These are hard issues but worth discussing.  There is no ‘knock down’ answer for this question.
As well, and what I have discovered over the years, is that sometimes people ask this …

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2 Apr 2010 | One Comment

Yesterday was a remarkable day. I was scheduled to meet an Elim pastor (Boyd Ratnaraja) in Botany Downs Star Bucks at 10am.  I was there on time. I waited until 10:20 and then began to worry – had I got the time wrong? Or the meeting place? At 10:25 he arrived!  Boyd bought the coffee and afghan as penance!  We started to talk and relate about this and that when two young people in their late teens or early twenties came in an sat near us. I couldn’t help notice them. …

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