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13 Mar 2011 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
I often download messages from the internet from great speakers, theologians, authors, and leaders about evangelism. I have learnt to turn my car into a university. Rather than listening to the radio, whenever I am driving around, I try and build myself up in God by doing this. As Proverbs says, there is wisdom in many counsellors (Proverbs 15:22).
Doing this has made such a positive difference. It’s been amazing!
The standout message these past six months was by Dr Don Carson, who is an Spirit filled New Testament scholar and …

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24 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments

Three weeks ago I went into my local petrol station, where the manager happens to be a muslim.  Seeing that there were no other customers in the shop, and he was the manager, and he had an assistant (one has to think of all this before one puts the invitation) I asked him the question I ask everyone as an introduction to the gospel.
‘Can I ask you a question?
What’s the oldest book in the world?’
‘The Bible’ was his answer. ‘Do you know how old it is?’ I asked.
‘Nope’ he said.
‘It’s …

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20 Feb 2011 | 3 Comments

Hi everyone,
Yesterday was a great day in evangelism.  During the week, I had been out sharing the gospel each day, and last week had the same highs and lows as usual.   Not everyday is wonderful, and some days some people are just disinterested.  That’s OK. Jesus told us to expect this in the parable of the seed and the sower. The condition of the soil in the human heart of the people we talk to will either be rocks, hard ground, weeds, or good soil. I have found that …

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3 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone,
I thought I would let you know what kind of people I reach each day with the gospel over a seven day period and the kind of situations I find. I kept a record from two weeks ago.  Each time I gave the gospel I used my iphone which has the loaded onto it.
Monday: Shop assistant who was bored and wanted something to watch. Response: didn’t give her life to Christ but took a follow up booklet and admitted that if she died tonight she would go to …

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14 Jan 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Well, the last two week has been pretty exciting in evangelism. The following is a brief explanation of what happened this morning in a bank.
I went into the bank to do some business and had to talk with one of the senior banking officials in one of the fish bowl type rooms where outsiders can see everything but hear nothing. Let’s call the lady Mary. Mary is in her late fifties or early sixties.
As you would expect, she is very professional and efficient at her job. After we had …

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4 Jan 2011 | No Comment

Christine said:
Thanks for the payment! You can download the file here [she gave a web address] Let me know if you have any problems getting the file. I will be  deleting the directory in about 36 hours.
Thanks again for using my image.
 Much success to you!
I wrote back and said:
Thanks Christine…keep in touch with me about your journey with God..
Christine wrote back and said:
I will. Promise.

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4 Jan 2011 | No Comment

Hi Everyone,
Today’s post will only make sense if you read yesterday’s blog.
Below is Christine’s response to my email.
All set Julian, was able to generate the image at 9″ x 22.5″ which will give you plenty of bleed room if you need it for your A4 print.How would you like to make payment? Paypal? The cost would be $40 US dollars. If that works you can send payment to [such and such an email account) and I will upload the image onto my server and send you a password so you can download …

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3 Jan 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,  today I woke up to a fantastic challenge. Let me explain.
As you know, I write a lot and produce publications all with the aim of mobilising the church for evangelism. I am just about to produce a new publication, which is 84 inspirational readings about evangelism, compiled from the writings and sermons of many of the great Christians in history. Anyway, I needed art work for the front cover, which I have to buy. There are many web sites which sell professionally taken photos. 
I found some artwork which …

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29 Dec 2010 | No Comment

Hi, 2011 is nearly here!
I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this coming year.
A lot of pastors and leaders in Western countries, however, are not so excited. They are desperate to see Biblical growth occuring in their churches. 
Some have even given up hope, and are drowning  in a sea of cynicism and skepticism.  This need not be.
I believer radical, God inspired and God empowerd Biblical growth is possible. By this I mean:

Where whole congregations are unlocked and mobilised for evangelism.
Where ordinary Christians (not just the ones with the gift of evangelism) start reaching …

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27 Dec 2010 | No Comment

I have decided that McDonalds is a great place to evangelise.  Let me explain. There is a McDonalds close to where I live and friend and I often go there in the evenings to get a cheap hot drink and read the paper. But the real reason we go there is to share the gospel.  Well, over a period of a year, we have got to know many of the staff by name, and have shared the gospel with some of them. We also share with customers. But here’s the interesting …

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6 Dec 2010 | One Comment

I feel like it’s been ages since I sent out a blog, and there is a reason. For the last two weeks or so, nothing really spectacular has happened as I have gone out to give the gospel each day. I have been rejected a few times, and most of the people I have given the gospel to have been quite ‘ho hum’ about it.   At the end of the gospel presentation, a few indicated that they were not in the least bit worried about going to hell.  Even after …

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13 Nov 2010 | 6 Comments

Today is Saturday in New Zealand.  I was up early going through my spiritual disciplines (if you want a free Spiritual Disciplines monthly accountability sheet, clear here.  Change the categories each day to suit what you feel you want to build into your life).  After this I go to the gym for an hour and half.   When I was there there is a guy in his early seventies who I have shared the gospel with.  He even has a follow up booklet. When I first shared the gospel with him …

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8 Nov 2010 | No Comment

I am in Sydney at the moment setting up a branch of ESI.  One of my board members came with me for the weekend and we had to hire a small car at the airport. We arrived in Sydney about 5pm on Friday and went straight to the rental car company office to pick up the car.  I sensed we ought to gently bring up the subject of Jesus with the lady behind the counter who was in her mid forties.
 As we were chatting I said, “We are here to …

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4 Nov 2010 | No Comment

Earlier this year I blogged about a guy called Richard Davis.  He cuts my hair. He is not a Christian. He plays in and managers a heavy rock band.  I first gave the gospel to Richard in April of this year using my iphone. As you can imagine, I have been to see him each time I need a hair cut. What’s interesting is that absolutely everything Jesus promised about the gospel in Mark 4:26-29 is happening right before my eyes!
What Jesus taught and what I am seeing goes like this: …

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30 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Wow! I just came home after a FANTASTIC time out there giving the gospel. Let me tell you what happened.  This afternoon, I was out in a shopping centre discipling a friend called Greg in evangelism.  Greg saw the Lord move before his very eyes and two people, boy friends and girl friend) converted to Christ on the spot in a shopping centre.  I didn’t make it easy for them either.  I emphasised the cost and they still wanted to become followers of Jesus.  As though that wasn’t enough, listen …

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22 Oct 2010 | 3 Comments

 Wow!….I have had a few interesting days lately ‘out there’ in the world sharing the gospel. 
One day this week, I was in the library near where I live and two older high school age boys were walking around. Cut a long story short, I said to these guy (with a smile) ‘ guys bored? Wanna see an amazing video?’  Their faces lit up, and they probably thought I was a porn dealer or something dodgy but I quickly explained that I was a pastor of a church and that we’d …

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17 Oct 2010 | 4 Comments

Hi, sorry to use my blog for this BUT – I am a desperate man!  I have just read about Abraham going up the mountain with his son Abraham in Genesis 22. As you know Abraham passed the test!  Now I have a test! I just purchased a laptop computer on line from Australia, which was a $1000 cheaper than buying it here in New Zealand. My existing laptop is overheating all the time and has to be switched off every few hours.  Aside from the Bible, it’s the tool …

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13 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Some days my ‘going into the world with the gospel’  are very unspectacular.  One day, three people in a row turned me down. Another day a young lady told me at the end of the video she had absolutely no desire to become a Christian.  To her I said ‘That’s OK. We all start out like that’.   After 15 minutes or so of discussion, I felt like we were getting nowhere, so we parted amicably.  In between the very unspectacular are the memorable. Here is one….
Recently I visited a business which …

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5 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Yesterday I was returning home by plane from the Presbyterian annual general Assembly which was held in Christchurch.  This is where all the ministers from Presbyterian Churches around NZ get together once a year.   It was an inspirational time. The Presbyterian Church is gaining strength again after a rough ride in the 80′s and 90′s.  We can thank God for this. 
 I got talking to the lady next to me on the plane back to Auckland and naturally we asked each other the classic question ‘And what do you do for a job?’. …

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27 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments

Today I went into a shopping mall in Auckland to buy some things and at the same time give the gospel to someone. 
As I was walking in the mall I simply prayed ‘Lord, just lead me to someone who I can really connect with today’.  Well, there was a Philippino man sitting on a seat by himself. As I went past, I looked at him and thought ‘No, he is too old’.  I would say he was in his mid forties. 
Generally speaking  the older people are, the harder they are …

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