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9 Dec 2011 | No Comment

This is a good question.
Please take a few moments to watch this video.
Bless you guys and keep up the great work of evangelising the world!

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24 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Hi, my name is Iain Dickson. I am the minister at Te Puke Presbyterian Church.
I thought I would write to you about the encounter we had yesterday – I’m still buzzing.
I am now starting to train other people in my church how to do evangelism.  Paul taught Timothy, so I need to follow that example.
Three of us were out and about sharing the gospel to six households in Te Puke yesterday. 
I was teaching two Christian ladies how to give the gospel by using the survey. Both were very apprehensive about knocking on doors and …

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23 Nov 2011 | No Comment

From time to time I receive emails from people about their adventures in evangelism. Below is an account from a young lady called Benedicte.
Hi Julian,

I hope you are well. Today, I paid for the evangelism resources I bought from you. 
Also, today, I used the red laminated booklet (one of the tools your produced for delivering the gospel) for the first time .
This morning, I went to Botany Shopping Centre (a suburb in Auckland) to have coffee with a friend, then I sat down and read the red laminated booklet and …

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12 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Just because South Africa didn’t win the rugby world cup does not mean God is not at work in their country. In fact, quite the contrary. God has exported some of their finest church leaders to New Zealand.
Whether they are spies planted here by the South African Rugby Union we don’t really know.
Suspicions were raised when Henry and the coaching staff were approached by SA pastors residing in NZ, offering to pray for the All Blacks in their dressing rooms prior to test matches.
Once in the All Black dressing room, …

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11 Nov 2011 | 4 Comments

Greetings everyone, I am Iain Dickson, Minister at Te Puke Presbyterian Church in New Zealand. My photo is below.

This afternoon I was prompted by the Lord to head to a different street in Te Puke and go door to door doing evangelism.  The Holy Spirit inspired me to do this after attending a Church DNA change conference a few months ago.   At that point in my ministry, I had become frustrated just discipling existing Christians. I wanted to get out of my office and personally reach the lost with the gospel.
I took my evangelism …

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8 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
A lot of people have been asking for the last hour and a half of the Church DNA change conference so here it is! This gives the ‘how to’ on how to mobilise a church for evangelism.
Please click here to view!

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1 Nov 2011 | One Comment

National Evangelism Point Person Co-Ordinators
I would like to introduce Chris Redstone and Renee Tobin to you, our new National Evangelism Point Person Co-ordinators.
What’s an ‘Evangelism Point Person?
Good question. As a team, we recognised that pastors and ministers are busy people.
After attending the DNA change conference, they want evangelism to be central in their church but they just don’t have time to drive all that needs to be done to achieve this end.
Enter the evangelism point person (an EPP) in a local church!
This person works alongside the leader in a church …

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21 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Just want to let you know that the second to last DNA change conference for the year is happening in Hamilton on the 28-29 of October. This is only about a week away now! See for more details.
Do you want to really bless and help us?
If you have friends or family or other Christians you know in Hamilton or around Hamilton, please can you let them know it’s happening and encourage them to go along? That would be fantastic!
The new format of the conference is huge – less slides, …

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18 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Like you, I have taken a great interest in Iain Dixon, the Presbyterian Minister in Te Puke. It’s been quite amazing to see how God is working in his life as he started venturing into his community going door to door seeking and saving and praying for the lost.  He is re-enacting the book of Acts! It takes guts and courage to break out of old ways, but through the Holy Spirit’s power, Iain has broken out of his church bound mould!
What is happening is so inspirational in fact, …

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17 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
Many people from various churches have attended the DNA change conferences already this year.
We are wanting to establish an ‘evangelism point person’ in every church.
Working with and alongside their pastor/minister, this person is responsible for heading up evangelism in their church.
Please click here Evangelism point person in a local church to read the job description.
If you think this could be you, we would like to talk to you! Please email julian at

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15 Oct 2011 | 2 Comments

Today I went into a cafe to treat myself to a buffet breakfast.
When I got out of my car, I picked up my iphone and head set, and a follow up booklet, because I have learnt to always be ready.
Once inside, I could see there were only a few customers eating, and only two staff members, apart from the chef who was busy in the kitchen.
I paid for my breakfast and as  I was eating it, I started to process the possibilities of giving the gospel to the two staff …

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10 Oct 2011 | One Comment

Hi everyone!
We have two church DNA change conferences coming up in Tauranga (14-15 October) and Hamilton (28-29 October).
You could play a small part in furthering His Kingdom by phoning or emailing friends you know in these two cities about this event to let them know it’s happening.
Some of the testimonies coming out of these conferences are truly amazing and God glorifying.  God seems to be really working through these conferences to give some people a REVELATION of evangelism, a burden for souls, and a vision for the lost.
So, please take …

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10 Oct 2011 | 2 Comments

Yesterday, I went to the Warehouse to looking for something, and as I entered the door, a man got my attention excitedly.
Hey, you’re the religious guy! he said, eyes aflame with life, and beaming smile.
How are you, I said.
Great. Hey, you spoke to me two weeks ago outside when I was on my break. Do you remember?
Yes, I said. I remember well.(I’d shared the gospel through and my iphone and given him the follow up booklet called “How To Be Sure Of Going To Heaven When You Die”)
Well, he …

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7 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone
Quite a few people have been asking for a summary of how to change the DNA of their church to make it evangelistic.
The slide below (from the conference) summarises each of ‘road markers’ which must be established in a church if it is to return to the DNA of Jesus.
These road markers are the absolutely non-negotiable truths on the road to recovery of the DNA of Jesus in a local church.
These are the truths you want all the people in your church to be ‘on the same page’ about. …

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4 Oct 2011 | One Comment

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the prayer and fasting that is going on at St Andrews in Te Puke, New Zealand. Judy (one of my elders) and I are sensing a real openness to the gospel as we go around evangelising.
You would be pleased to know we led two people to the Lord today. We knocked on the door of one house and a young Indian man by the name of Teji welcomed us and invited us inside for a cup of tea. We readily accepted and then started to give a brief survey to find out if the church is still …

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28 Sep 2011 | 2 Comments

The picture below is of Hong, the Christian owner of a fruit and vege shop.
One day he was talking with his pastor about the web site and they came up with the idea to put the web address on all his till receipts.
Now, whenever someone buys something from Hong’s shop, there is a chance they could see the web address and out of interest or curiosity hear the gospel.
Here is a picture of the till receipt. If you own a business, why don’t you follow Hong’s excellent example!
This is …

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26 Sep 2011 | 5 Comments

Today as usual I went out about 5pm to look for someone to ‘love with the gospel.’
I wandered into Burger King and in front of me was an Indian man in his early 50′s sitting alone eating. As I approached him, I got eye contact from a distance, smiled, and walked closer and closer towards him.  When I engaged, I asked him the usual question: ‘Let me ask you a question. What’s possibly the oldest book in the world?’
The Bible, he replied.
Do you know how old it is, I said.
He …

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26 Sep 2011 | One Comment

A few days ago, Iain Dickson, the Presbyterian Minister in Te Puke wrote to me to let me know how he was going after attending a DNA change conference.
In short, the Holy Spirit has worked through the conference to radically tip Iain’s life upside down.
Just this morning we spoke on the phone and he says he feels like the New Testament has come alive in a way he has never known before!
He has been going door to door with one of his elders, giving the gospel, and praying for people …

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22 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Hi Everyone,
Last night I was sitting at my computer doing some work, and an email came in from someone in South America.
This is how it read:
Dear brother in Christ Julian,
It’s good to communicate with you. My purpose is to contact your ministry and see if it can bless Argentina.
We have an evangelistic ministry in the street and we feed over 90 families. We are helping them with everuthing that we can and preaching God’s word. I m looking for hearing from you soon.
God bless you.
With love in Christ,
Pastor Juan Ovando
He sent lots of photos of he and his team feeding the poor on the streets. I wrote …

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19 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Hi everyone,
This email just came in from Canada. As I have said in previous emails, a pastor from Canada ordered my book, read it, and look what God has done!
“Hello brother,
We had a wonderful service today! Even had a few new people out.
We did the first lesson of the EVANGELISM DVD’s. I paused the DVD where you looked at 14 things that pass for many as evangelism.
Some thought all 14 were evangelism ….but not those that have been in my services the last two weeks where I have been teaching …

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