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Can you spot the device of the enemy in this email? How would you reply?

21 March 2012 No Comment

Hi everyone,

The following is an email I received from a friend overseas. He is a pastor of a church.
His real name is not Andrew.

What he writes sounds ‘right’ and ‘biblical’ and ‘spiritual’ but in actual fact, there is a powerful device of the enemy embedded in this email. Of course, there is truth in the text, and lots of it, which makes the device hard to detect.

The device in amongst the truth is stopping evangelism. Can you spot it?

Sad to say, but much of this reasoning has invaded the Church and is severely undermining the evangelisation of the world.


On 18/03/2012, at 2:34 AM, Andrew wrote:
Hi Julian

I have read books on the pro and cons of friendship evangelism.

Thing is, my life is not a programmed thing. I mostly move day by day as the Holy Spirit leads me, I do what I see the Father does (John 5:19)

We are living at the time in the global Church where people are looking for preachers that will preach what is soft on their ears. (2 Tim 4: 1-2) People don’t want to hear about holiness and living a life of dying to yourself.

Our heart for church growth is new believers, and that is how our church has grown. Then also, when we get new converts, we take a lot of time to disciple them so that they themselves could bring others to Jesus. It takes time, but in the end there is multiplication which is worth it.

As I have said, I am lead by the Spirit, my life is not mine.

The Lord gives me daily instructions as to how I have to spend my time and as to where I have to lead the church too.

Therefore, I do pray about everything, and will certainly pray about whether I should proclaim the gospel or not, but have not gotten an answer yet.

If the Lord gives me an answer I will definitely let you know.

We appreciate your passion for the lost souls, without that passion the church cannot grow and will stagnate.

Every church must always have that passion if they want to grow (in numbers but also in spirit)

Be blessed in your ministry (as you are, and will even be more) Jesus is the only way; He is our Life, our Breath, the Bread that we eat daily.

Will let you know the moment I have a clear answer for you.

God bless you, my friend.

Love in Christ


Hi Andrew,

I love your spirit my friend! I appreciate your passion to follow the leading of the Spirit in all things in your church. Wow!

Can I challenge you though :) – as a general rule, “what the Spirit says” to each of us by way of private and personal revelation never overrides the commands given to us by Jesus in His word.

His command to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15) was for all Christians in all eras of the Church.

We are not at liberty to ‘overrule’ this command with what we perceive is a different revelation He is giving us privately.

I think this is the point Jesus in making in Matthew 7:21-29. The bottom line regarding final judgement is this: in our lives, were we obedient or not to His expressed commands, as found in the bible AND to what He told us to do personally via private revelation.

When you say ‘my life is not a programmed thing’ I understand what you are saying – but wouldn’t it be better to say ‘my life is an obedience and faithfulness to the express commands of Jesus’ thing AND being led by the Spirit thing’?

Wouldn’t it be ideal to combine the personal leading of the Spirit (which is what you are doing and which is incredible) with obedience to the objective commands of Jesus as found in his word?

In other words, because the command to preach the gospel to everyone everywhere is so clear in scripture, wouldn’t it be best to weave the proclamation of the gospel into all your are doing? Into all the personal and particular situations where the Spirit leads?

By the way, did you see this web site?

The biblical ideal is to combine the private and personal leading of Spirit with the objective commands written in His word, surely?

These two aspects are like two wheels of a bicycle, and must be kept together. When only one wheel is on the bike, the bike is incomplete :) don’t you think?

What I am doing is not a strategy or a program.  It’s motivating Christians to be obedient to a command of our Lord and to apply what he has commanded in whatever situation they find themselves – and providing them with the tools to do it.

Here is the key point – to obey these objective commands is also to walk in the Spirit, because the Spirit wrote the commands. We certainly don’t need to pray about whether we ought to obey them or not.

The Spirit and the Word are in perfect unity (John 17).

Please visit the web site and find the section with the free download of chapters of my book. Then select the one ‘what Jesus really taught about evangelism’. What He taught about how He works through the gospel is mind blowing.

You’ll be so encouraged! I think adding gospel proclamation to everything you are doing is not only biblical but it would add hugely to the amazing work you are doing.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and obedience Andrew and for the way you want to be led by the Spirit.

You are are a bright light in the world and an inspiration.

Love in Christ


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