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Are the DNA change conferences producing fruit? If so, why? If not, why not? Good questions!

7 October 2011 No Comment

Hi everyone

Quite a few people have been asking for a summary of how to change the DNA of their church to make it evangelistic.

The slide below (from the conference) summarises each of ‘road markers’ which must be established in a church if it is to return to the DNA of Jesus.

These road markers are the absolutely non-negotiable truths on the road to recovery of the DNA of Jesus in a local church.

These are the truths you want all the people in your church to be ‘on the same page’ about. In the seminar I re-iterated that it’s the challenge of ministers to communicate these truths to their people and to ensure they own them and believe them.

To firmly establish these truths in the minds of the people in your church is to firmly establish the foundations for a genuine return to the DNA of Jesus.

The bottom line is this – people act out of what they think (Proverbs 23:7).

Thinking determines behaviour. So if we want the people in our churches to enter vigorously into the mission of Jesus, they must have His mind (Romans 12:2).

In the last hour of the day during the conference, we progressed on from these road markers to cover the ‘how to’ of evangelism and the ‘big picture.’

By ‘big picture’ I mean ‘the six phases of a return to the DNA of Jesus’. The DNA change conference is the first of the six phases. So to effect a DNA change, everyone in a church needs to move through all six phases. To see the six phases in writing, click here

I have made a screen shot video of this last hour which I hope you will find helpful. It might sound a bit flat. That’s because it’s not very exciting sitting in a room by oneself, talking into a computer screen! :) At conference it’s much more lively because there is lots of discussion and interaction.  Please play this video in full screen mode otherwise it will be too small to read the text on the screen.

As a team we are constantly tweaking the format of this conference to see how we can be increasingly be used by the Lord to mobilise churches for the Great Commission.

Recently, we went to a Friday night/Saturday timetable and cut down the number of slides. This has worked really well, because it allows a lot more time for discussion and processing, which is what people were crying out for and appreciate so much.

As with any conference the fruit which comes from it depends on a lot of factors including:

  1. The quality of the content.
  2. The skill of the presenter.
  3. The anointing and blessing of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The state of the soil in the hearts of those in the audience (Matthew 13:1-23).

As a ministry we can control 1 and 2. We pray and seek God for 3. But 4?  Prayer can change (4), so can (1), (2), and (3).  But ultimately, people arrive at the conference with a condition of’heart soil’ over which we have little control.

For this reason, some have come to the conference, and its made little or no difference to their lives.  They are the ones who arrive at conference with a soil condition not conducive to fruitfulness.

Yet for others who attended the same conference, it was absolutely life changing. They are the ones who come to conference with soft soil in their hearts.

At the conference, the Holy Spirit gave them a heart revelation of His Mission, and they went straight out when they arrived home and started doing it.

One example is Iain Dixon, the Presbyterian Minister at Te Puke.
Please take a moment to read what Iain Dixon did when he came home from the conference and how what he did is beginning to change his life and the life of his whole church.
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  1. Presbyterian Minister experiences breakthrough! - 2011-09-26 00:19:59-04
    A few days ago, Iain Dickson, the Presbyterian Minister in Te Puke wrote to me to let me know how he was going after attending a DNA change conference. In short, the Holy Spirit has worked through the conference to radically tip Iain’s life upside down. Just this morning we spoke on the phone and he says he feels like the New Testament has come alive in a way he has never known before! He has been going door to door with one of his elders, giving the gospel, and praying for …
Here is another example. This email arrived a few days ago from a senior lady (i.e. Christian maturity) from a church in Tauranga. Her name and the names of others in the email have been changed to protect their privacy.
From:  Such and such a person in Tauranga

Subject:  Re: Second Church DNA change conference in Tauranga, October 14-15

Date:  1 October 2011 5:50:58 PM NZDT

To:  Julian Batchelor <>

I loved your first conference and it gave me courage to go out door knocking in my local area and to go to the mount and to greerton with different friends and share the gospel with people and give out tracts.  

My friend Mary and I love going to the mount and chatting to people about Jesus.  

Some people are really open and interested and I led one young woman to the Lord at the mount beach and gave her a tract, a bible and pointed her to a good local church.  

We have spoken to indian sikhs and hindus , an african, a spiritualist, youth and all sorts and really enjoy our conversations with people, with the Lord’s help and annointing.  

I read your book and it was inspiring especially the war stories.  After I read the one about the woman going and knocking on a thousand doors in her neighbourhood on her own it encouraged me to go door knocking too.  

Every time I get a grumpy response, I think of your story of the woman who yelled out swear words at you all down the street and it cheers me up that my experience wasn’t quite that scary!  One guy said to me in a really angry voice “there is the gate, now use it”  so I told him God loves him!

 The Lord is teaching me not to react to people but to respond to Him in these situations.  

When I hand out tracts I say ” This is about the Father heart of God who loves you through His Son Jesus Christ and how you can be saved.”  I ask people on the street  or when door knocking “Has anyone taken the time to share the true gospel about Jesus Christ with you and how you can be saved?”.  

I share your four points from the conference plus any other stories from the bible the Lord gives me esp the prodigal son to show God’s love and longing for the lost ones to return to Him.  People love that story and that God wants to be friends with them through Jesus.  

We always talk about sin, righteousness and judgement and the cost of being a christian too.  

Also I tell them that Jesus not only saves but heals them by what He has done on the cross.  I love it – it is challenging but so rewarding when the Lord brings conviction and plants a seed as they listen.

 I spoke to my church in Tauranga and they were encouraged too.  Recently everyone in our church was given a test tract.

God bless and thank you for all that you are doing.  I can’t come to this conference as I will be in turangi.  Is it the same as the previous one?

Blessings from
Suzie Smith
I trust the screen shot video we made was helpful.
We need to continually bathe all our efforts to effect a DNA change in our churches with prayer so that the Biblical truths set out in the conference and in the Evangelism DVD series will land on soft receptive soil.
Every blessing
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