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A Sign And A Wonder At Auckland Airport!

8 May 2012 No Comment

Getting onto a flight in Auckland en route to Wellington, I was served by these two staff members at Jet Star.

It was so easy to turn the conversation onto spiritual things and hand them a card.

I said “How’s your day going?” as they processed our baggage and we chatted in reply.

Then I said “I am going to Wellington to work with a church. Have you guys had any church background?”

He said yes, she no.

“Let me ask you a question. What’s the best selling book in the world?”

They didn’t know.

I explained that it was the bible and that we’d made a 11 minute video which summarised its message.

She said “Wow. This is a sign! My mum has been wanting me to read the Koran! But I wanted to find out about Christianity and have been wondering what the difference is. This is an answer to my prayers.”

He didn’t say much because he already attends church.

I gave each of them a card.

The Lesson? Learn how to gently turn the conversation onto spiritual things and have your cards ready.


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