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$8.40 To Plough And Sow The Hearts Of 10 People In A Supermarket!

7 July 2013 7 Comments

Pak n saveWow! I had a great experience today at Pak N Save supermarket.

I was standing in the Express Lane waiting to pay.

There were about  6 people in the queue.

Our line didn’t seem to be getting shorter, and I could feel myself becoming agitated.

There was an old lady with a few things holding things up.

Everyone was watching her.

I looked behind me and could see others were looking annoyed, frustrated, and even angry (just like me).

They too were watching and listening to what was going on at the checkout.

Eyes were rolling.

Several times the old lady tried her Eftpos card but it kept declining.

The supervisor was called to the checkout and a discussion ensued.

The old lady tried her card AGAIN!check out queue

Again, it was declined.

I heard the supervisor say “You’ll need to come up with $8.40 if you want to take these things out of the shop. We don’t do credit.”

The old lady was obviously asking for credit.

There was more discussion between the supervisor, the old lady, and check out operator.

Eventually the old lady shuffled off to the help desk with the supervisor.

It was then that the Holy Spirit prompted me  - “pay the $8.40 the old lady needs.”

(If it had been $840 this story might not have happened, but God knows what we have and don’t have :) )

Now that the old lady was gone, the line of people waiting quickly decreased in size as people were processed through the check out.

When it was my turn, I told the check out operator I would pay the $8.40.

She looked stunned and said “oh thank you! That’s so kind” (or something like that).

I glanced back up the line, and others were watching.

They’d seen everything that had happened, including the fuss the old lady made.

Fortunately, my wallet was loaded with cards

So I whipped them out, and began dishing them out to all.

shocked-womanEveryone was smiling and keen to take one.

When I went past the “Help Area” the old lady and the supervisor were still in discussion.

I said to the supervisor “It’s Ok. Someone paid for the things the lady needed. Have a good day.”

I gave them each a card, and I walked out.

The both looked completely shocked and confused.

What fun!

Wow! I felt like I had won lotto!

What’s the lesson? There are four.

1) Have your tools on you. You never know when the Holy Spirit will drop an opportunity onto your plate.

2) Evangelism and good works should always been connected. That is to say, if I’d only done the good work, and not given the gospel with the good work, I would have received the glory.  That’s not how it should ever be.  Like two wheels of a bike, let’s keep good works and evangelism together, wherever possible.

3) Be alert to opportunities.

4) This is the fun way to tithe.


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  • Lorraine Wilson says:

    I LOVE this story!

    I recently helped someone in a similar way.

    The recipient was singing my praises but I quickly turned it around and gave the glory back to Jesus where it belongs.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    It’s fun isn’t it…bless you

  • Rev John says:

    That’s almost too much fun to bear. Isn’t God Good to set up such opportunities.
    Rev John

  • scott says:

    Blessing to you! This story is a great encouragement to us all – bless u pastor!!

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Thank you for your encouragement! I hope I can meet you one day….

  • Robyn M,Waipukurau says:

    Hi Julian, what an awesome testimony.
    Love your blogs, very encouraging.
    Yes the Holy spirit does so often put an opportunity right in front of us. I find myself always trying to have a card on me so the moment is not missed. Also I pray for courage so that I am obedient to his leading.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Thanks so much for writing in Robyn. I really appreciate that. You are a huge encouragement to me and Renee as you step out in obedience to the Great Commission. Keep up the great work down there.

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