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78 Year Old Born Again In Her Home!

11 July 2012 No Comment

My wife and I together with Poul (yes, “Poul” is the right spelling) Andersen, Pastor of the Co-operating Parish in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay, went on the three day outreach mission in Picton and Blenheim over the weekend.

We sang our way across Cook Straight, both ways, which gave us free passage.

We arrived in Picton at 11-30am and  I went to the Choice Supermarket to get permission to sing Gospel Country songs.

“No preaching here” allowed was the reply.

We moved further along and started up and in this new location we were well received.

We went to Blenheim on the Monday and sang on street corners throughout the town.

On Monday, things got quite exciting.

My wife and I were just sitting outside the West Pack Bank and an elderly lady on a mobility scooter came over and wanted to talk.

This lady didn’t know us from a bar of soap, but suddenly she told us that she had been born again a few hours earlier in her home.

She was 78!

God has sovereignly moved on her life while she was at home. How cool is that!

She was beaming!

Poul arrived back and  I told him what happened and we prayed for her.   She then said she would like to be baptised right away.

We couldn’t do this for her on the spot so we connected her with a local church.

What’s the lesson? GOD arranged this meeting with her so we could connect her with a local church.  We were there at the right time for HIS purpose.

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