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46 Years Old And 25 Years In Jail

6 June 2013 One Comment

gang_tattoos_1sfwYesterday I picked up a hitch hiker who had spent 25 of his 46 year life in jail.

He’d been inside for things like attempted murder, armed robbery, and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

It made for an interesting trip.

For the two hour journey, I was careful not to get into any arguments :)

He’d only recently become a Christian but when I showed him the Gospel via he was blown away by how clear the message was and wanted to show it to all the 96 people living at the rehab centre where he was living.

So I gave him enough Bible in 11 cards to do the job.

When we parted, it felt like I had met a new friend


  1. If I hadn’t picked him up, 96 other people wouldn’t have heard the gospel. We have to take Great Commission action in order to make further Great Commission action happen. A life  time is made up of days.  If we fail to take evangelistic action each day, we quickly develop a habit of not taking evangelistic action for a life time of days, which will ultimately lead to a wasted life, evangelistically speaking. Take action today!
  2. Evangelising the world is as much about mobilising existing Christians to reach people with the gospel as it is about personally reaching non-Christians with the gospel. Commit to doing both today!
  3. I couldn’t have made the most of this situation if I didn’t have tools on hand.  In this case an ipad to show the gospel, and bible in 11 cards to give to this man.   I needed a car to pick him up.  Get a car. The more tools we have, the more useful we can be to God. Get the tools!
  4. Don’t be afraid of the exterior look of people. On the outside, this guy looked ominous, but inside he was soft as butter. He’d had a rough family background, and had gotten mixed up with the wrong people. Haven’t we all gotten mixed up Seek first the kingdom of Godwith the wrong people at some stage of our lives? Haven’t we all got something in our background we’d like to have done differently? Therefore, let’s be gracious with all people, and not judge.  Let’s treat all people, regardless of what they look like, as a creation of God, infinitely valuable, worthy of redemption, and in desperate need.
  5. When I was driving along the road, and suddenly saw this man on the side of the road with his thumb out, I had to make a sudden choice – my comfort (continue driving, listening to a sermon on my iphone, munching on snacks which were on the passengers seat etc etc)  or furthering the Kindom (inconvenience : stopping, backing take up your crossthe car up, turning off what I was listening to, putting everything that was on the passengers seat onto the back seat, having to make conversation with someone for two hours, sharing my food, and going way out of my way to drop him off at the rehab centre).  In the final analysis, and all things considered, seeking first the Kingdom is going to cost us, but isn’t it much more interesting and fulfilling and glorifying to God than selfish living and personal comfort? You know the answer.  Let’s train ourselves to moment by moment choose the Kingdom until we make it a habit.  Then and only then, and not a moment sooner, will we begin to experience life and life in all it’s fullness (John 10:10).
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  • Lynne says:

    Great testimony Julian!You are such an inspiration!

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