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17 Year Old Waitress Confesses All In Cafe!

10 July 2011 2 Comments

Wow! Today I was in a cafe having a coffee with a friend.

The cafe was not busy, so when the waitress came with our order, I smiled, and thanked her, and then I asked her the usual questions (the photo at right is not Abby. I just clipped this from the internet).

Can I ask you a question?

Sure she said.

What’s possibly the oldest book in the world?

Ummm…the Bible?

Yep. Do you know how old it is?

No, no idea

It’s about 4000 years old.

Wow. I didn’t know that.

(Enthusiastically).  We have just developed a video which summarises the whole thing in 11 minutes. Would you like to see it?

Absolutely. Where do I see it though?

Here. On my iphone. Now, are you sure you have time to watch this? It’s not going to take you away from your work is it?

No, that’s fine. We are not busy.

Here name was Abby.

About half way through, another waitress came over and asked what she was doing. Abby gave a brief explanation. The other waitress said that a few new people had just arrived and they needed Abby back on the front desk.

Abby says she will be back soon.

About 20 minutes later she arrives back and finishes watching the presentation.

The person I am with can’t believe how easy this is and how hungry Abby is to hear the gospel.

At the end of the gospel, Abby takes her ear phones out and exclaims…

What was incredible. How long did it take you to put this together?

10 years.

You know what. I went to a denominational school in Wellington (a city in NZ) for 8 years, and I reckon I just learnt more in 11 minutes than 8 years at that school about God and Christianity.

Then I said to Abby

Can I ask you a couple of questions? (I made sure the person I was having coffee with was also asked the questions so Abby didn’t feel she was being picked on).

Sure she said.

Have you ever told a lie?


Me too.

So what does this make us? Liars, right?


Have you ever taken anything that did not belong to you, even something small like a paper clip or a pen?


So what does that make you.  I thief. Same as me. Now we three, by our own confession, are a three thieving liars.

You are doing well Abby. Just one more question.

Have you ever hated someone in your life?


Well according to Jesus, that makes you a murderer, same as us. You see, He redefined murder by saying that if we hate someone in our heart, we have murdered them in our heart.  So now, we are thieving, lying murderers.  Do you honestly think that God is going to let thieving lying murderers like us into heaven? I don’t think so.

(I am almost speaking in a whisper  at this point).

Let me just run over the video again to make sure we have this clearly.  When you were born, God opened a book about your life. He does this with everyone. Every time we break one of his commands, he writes it down. Well, you can imagine as we get older, we have a whole library against us.  You know what, because heaven is a perfect place, and God is perfect, it’s impossible for him to let us in there after death IF WE HAVE JUST ONE THING WRITTEN IN OUR BOOK.  Mary, it’s impossible!  Now, here’s the good news.  Jesus is the only one with a perfect record.  When you admit your guilt, ask for forgiveness, and sincerely turn to Him with all your heart, this is what happens. He takes your book, rips out all the pages and throws them into the sea. He promises to forget what was on those old pages. He then takes a copy of his perfect record and puts it inside the cover of your book. That book is then stored in heaven. And here’s the miracle.  It’s not touched between the point of forgiveness and death.  Abby, just think about that for a moment…

Then when you die, you are going to come up before God at judgement and he will command the angels to get your book. They will open it and say ‘this woman was perfect. Jesus will put out his arms and smile and say Abby, welcome to heaven. I love you!’

Abby, if this presentation you have just seen was true, and you died tonight, where would you go?

Well, I wouldn’t be going to heaven.

So, where would you be going?


I gave her a little follow up booklet which has the address of the web site at the back, so she would go home and watch the presentation again on line. The follow up booklet basically is a written explanation of this gospel presentation, plus all the relevant Bible passages.

What are the lessons here?

What are the lessons to learn from this?

1) We have to create the opportunities.  If we really care about the lost, we’ll do this.  Every single day all of us are in situations where we can create an opporunity.

2) Have your gospel presentation ready to present – in my case play on my iphone.  Have your follow up booklet in your back pocket ready. Readiness is a key thing. 3) Be gentle and loving at all times. I was almost whispering to Abby as I asked her the questions at the end.

3)  Learn to summarise the gospel presentation in your own words.  Make sure your summary is no more than 2 minutes total. Even that’s a bit much.

4) Always go through the law.

5) Err on the side of inviting people to Christ at the end.  I didn’t do this with Abby because I didn’t want to take up any more of her time

6) Always give away a follow up booklet

7) In your mind, pray for the person watching as they watch the presentation.

Here is my question for anyone reading this who has influence in a denominational school or Christian School? Why did Abby say she learnt more in 11 minutes than 8 years in a denominational school? When are these schools going to make a priority of presenting all their students with the gospel, not just once but multiple times each year?  Or are those who run these schools spiritually blind themselves, and lost, so they don’t perceive the need? Or the urgency. Now there’s food for thought.


I came across and excellent article about why people struggle to do evangelism from a UK writer.  I think he has missed the key reasons, but he makes some excellent points. Decide for yourself. Click here to read it. Please write to him and tell him about the DNA conference, if you have attended one. One never knows – the Holy Spirit might work through your letter to start the work in England. This is typically how God expands His great work. He works through us, and our efforts. So, please write to Krish (the author of the article).

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    Well, my wfe Winnie and I have just arrived back from a little break in Brisbane, actually we got back on Sunday. what a great time, it is my first trip to Australia and I am quite happy we went.
    Anyway, we boarded the plane at Auckland and took our seats and we were placed on the seats closest to the aisle, not by the window.
    The seat by the window was taken by this man who was a Kenyan. I found this out during our continuous joking about what would happen if the engine stopped or the wings fell off.
    After a while I got out my book Essential JESUS and my BIBLE to do a study. Mwambe noticed this and said ” you are religious” my response was “no I am a Christian”.
    About an hour out from the end of the journey I gave him my BIBLE in 11 and explained this is what I beleive, He watched it for about the first 3 minutes then gave it back to me and said I am a muslim.
    The next hour was spent discussing the role of JESUS according to scripture most of whish he was totaly unaware of.
    I myself learnt much from our encounter and I believe much was learnt by him.
    I gave him my Evangelist business card and he said he would email me from Wellington where he is living.
    Pray for him that the LORD wil quicken the WORD given and that others will meet him on the way.
    On arrival at the Brisbane airport we went to a renatal car compn=any to pick up our car. the yong lady behind the counter had a necklace with a cross on it which had JESUS still on it.
    I mentioned to her that he’s not on that cross anymore, he jumped of.
    Then I corrected myself and said, actully he didn’t jump of, he was nailed to it, died and was lifted of and carried to a tomb, but he rose again.
    On both these occasions I could have gone further to explain the whys and wherefores of the whole GOSPEL but in the case of Mwambe I left it a little late in my approach I think, and with the young lady I didn’t want to interfere with her work station, after all that would be teaching her to steal time of her employer.
    The bbooklet of the BIBLE 11 should also have been given to Mwambe as a follow up.
    However in both cases the GOSPEL was given to both either in part or in full, in Mwambes case a full account of the birth deathand resurrection of JESUS was given.
    The seed has been sown, now the watering begins and we know that GOD will bring increase.

  • admin says:

    Keep setting the example and leading from the front like you are Bruce…awesome mate!

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